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when I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead.

true story.

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Birthdate:May 10, 1983
Location:Kaustinen, Finland
Website:My Fic @ Archive of Our Own

<< I'm a dork, ask anyone. I'm 27 and Finnish. I got my degree in library and information services in 2009 and am at the moment working at a small public library.

In general, librarians enjoyed special requests. A reference librarian is someone who likes the chase. When librarians read for pleasure, they often pick a good mystery. They tend to be cat people as well, for reasons more obscure.

- Karen Joy Fowler: The Jane Austen Book Club

<< I watch too much TV and I don't read enough books. I definitely don't spend enough time being social.

<< I enjoy making lists. See below, under 'fandoms & interests'.

<< I'm a slasher. That means I enjoy reading about, picturing in my mind - and watching, when I'm lucky ;) - men with other men. I sometimes write fic - these days mostly American Idol 8 fic, although I have written in popslash in the past - and I read in many more fandoms. I love spending time with other fannish people. If I was like Teyla, I'd be calling them 'my people'. A more thorough listing of my fandoms and other such things below. :)

<< Best definition of fangirls I've ever heard:

Fangirls are like vampires - hilarious but dangerous.

- [info]ihearthings_ii

<< Inspirational quote that will give you an inkling as to the quality of my journaling:

We were told that if one put one million monkeys at one million typewriters, they would, in time, produce the complete works of Shakespeare. Now that we have the Internet, we know that is just not true.
Sorry, I don't know who said that, but you know it's true if you laughed! It's funny 'cause it's true, right?

<< If I was a student at Hogwarts, I would be in Hufflepuff.

i'm in hufflepuff!

be sorted @

<< I'm a horrible procrastinator.

[ Procrastinator Award ] by Allie from [ Hyperbole and a Half ].

<< I really wish one could use CSS on LJ profile pages.

<< In case of emergency my personal info is in this post.

<< Fandoms I mostly read in: American Idol 8. TSN RPS. The Social Network. CWRPS. Merlin. American Idol 7. Supernatural. Merlin RPS. Stargate Atlantis. Popslash.

<< OTPs, for I have several: Adam/Kris. Andrew/Jesse. Eduardo/Mark. Jared/Jensen. Arthur/Merlin. Archie/Cook. Dean/Sam. John/Rodney. JC/Lance. Howie/Nick. Jack/Daniel. Doctor/Rose. Jack/Ianto. Jack/ANYBODY. Horatio/Calleigh. House/Wilson. Jack/Nathan. Shawn/Lassiter. Veronica/Logan. Fraser/RayK. Denny/Izzie. Greg/Nick. Greg/Grissom. Danny/Don. Mulder/Scully. Matt/Danny. Spike/Xander. Spike/Angel. Kyle/Declan. Jeeves/Wooster. Gibbs/DiNozzo. Seth/Ryan. Sandy/Kirsten. Bright/Ephram.

<< Shows I watch: Supernatural. Merlin. Leverage. Doctor Who. Torchwood. The Sarah Jane Adventures. How I Met Your Mother. The Big Bang Theory. Glee. Dexter. Top Gear. Eureka. Psych. Chuck. Castle. The Mentalist. Gossip Girl. CSI. Bones. The Daily Show. The Colbert Report. QI. NCIS. NCIS: Los Angeles. White Collar. 90210. Pretty Little Liars. Community. Modern Family. True Blood. Sherlock. Misfits. Downton Abbey. Skins. Secret Diary of a Call Girl. Poirot [the David Suchet ones].

<< Shows that are over that I enjoyed: Stargate Atlantis. Stargate SG-1. Ugly Betty. Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. The West Wing. Greek. Friday Night Lights. Veronica Mars. Due South. Firefly. Numb3rs. The X-Files. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Angel. Reaper. Kyle XY. Jeeves and Wooster. Moonlight. The O.C.. Everwood. Northern Exposure. Melrose Place [the remake]. Twin Peaks.

<< Reality shows: RuPaul's Drag Race. American Idol. The Amazing Race. Project Runway. America's Next Top Model. So You Think You Can Dance. Britain's Got Talent.

<< Shows I used to watch and then they couldn't hold my interest anymore: Prison Break. Lost. Desperate Housewives. Heroes. CSI: Miami. CSI: NY. Grey's Anatomy. Private Practice. House. Lie to Me. Stargate Universe. Sanctuary.

<< Celebrity crushes, we all have them: Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Adam Lambert. Bradley James.

<< S/he's in this/that/other? I'm so there!: Adam Lambert. Kris Allen. Sutan Amrull. Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Jensen Ackles. Jared Padalecki. David Archuleta. David Cook. JC Chasez. Chris Kirkpatrick. Lance Bass. Joey Fatone. Brian Littrell. Nick Carter. Howie Dorough. AJ McLean. Kevin Richardson. Justin Timberlake. Neil Patrick Harris; David Hewlett. John Barrowman. Nathan Fillion. Anderson Cooper. Katherine Heigl. Catherine Tate.

<< Favorite movies: Playing by Heart. Love Actually. Lord of the Rings [all three]. Dogma. Pride & Prejudice.

<< Favorite books: Anderson Cooper: Dispatches from the Edge. Travis Hugh Culley: The Immortal Class. J.R.R. Tolkien: The Lord of the Rings.

<< Music that is awesome: Adam Lambert. Kris Allen. Lady Gaga. [Christian] Kane. Steve Carlson. Backstreet Boys. *NSYNC. JC Chasez. Tony Lucca. Jason Manns. Allison Iraheta. Johnny Cash. mullet rock ftw!. Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. MANY MANY OTHERS.

From my LJ friends:

"Noora is the person that I want to be someday-upbeat, funny, good company and all all-around great person."


"Happy, upbeat and full of love for all things JDM, Noora is always such a joy to have on my friends list. :D"


"Noora is cool, Noora is kind, Noora is wonderful, Noora is LOVE. ♥"


"Noora has an awesome red coat."

-[info]stellamira(It's true, I do.)

"you are clearly the coolest crack dealer in the history of, like, ever."


"Noora is made of awesome, happiness and cute!"


"Noora is fun!"


"the most adorable dork that ever dorked."


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Proud OTW Member

<< *NSYNC/Backstreet Boys moodtheme by me, CSI moodtheme by me, Stargate Atlantis moodtheme by [info]emesque, Jack/Daniel moodtheme by [info]eisakay, Sam and Dean moodtheme by [info]potthead, Torchwood moodtheme by [info]indiexicons, The Dean Show moodtheme by [info]cenedrawood and [info]urdsama, Animated Supernatural moodtheme by [info]causette, another Animated Supernatural moodtheme by [info]lidi, Castiel|Jimmy moodtheme by [info]dorkmode, Animated Adam Lambert moodtheme by [info]denied over at [info]graphicjam, Animated Adam Lambert & Kris Allen moodtheme [to which I don't have the link, I'm sorry] by [info]strippedpink.

<< Background image of my layout by Metremade.

<< The little userinfo picture (this one: ) was made by [info]blimey_icons and you can get one like it, or another Stargate Atlantis one, from this post.

<< The header in my journal, the one of the Impala, was made by [info]seiyaharris who generously allowed me to use it. :)

<< Me by my parents. Yep.

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(:), *nsync, :*, aaron carter, adam lambert, adam/kris, aj mclean, allison iraheta, anderson cooper, backstreet boys, basez, bradley whitford, brian littrell, bright abbott, bright/ephram, bsb, buffy, callum keith rennie, carter-doroughs, causing the doctor problems, choey, chris kane, chris kirkpatrick, christian kane, christina aguilera, claypril, crossovers, csi, david hewlett, david krumholtz, dean winchester, delusional days, dispatches from the edge, doctor horrible's sing-along blog, doctor who, dorks, dr horrible, due south, eating well, ephram brown, eric szmanda, everwood, everwood slash, fan fiction, fanfic, fanfiction, finland, free speech, gil grissom, gil/nick, gilmore girls, greg sanders, grissom/nick, gsf, harry potter, house m.d., house/wilson, how i met your mother, howie dorough, j.r.r. tolkien, jack sparrow, james marsters, james may, jane austen, jared padalecki, jason manns, jc chasez, jc/lance, jc/tony, jeffrey dean morgan, jensen ackles, jeremy clarkson, joe flanigan, joec, joey fatone, john mayer, john sheppard, john winchester, john/rodney, justin timberlake, kane, kevin richardson, kradam, kris allen, lance bass, lance/jc, letterboys, lord of the rings, lorelai gilmore, lost, mckay, mckay/sheppard, mcshep, mickey mouse club, misha collins, mmc, mochamint, movies, music, nick carter, nick stokes, nick/charlie, nick/greg, nick/grissom, nine, notebooks, numb3rs, pagan!sync, paul gross, pirates of the caribbean, playing by heart, popslash, queer eye, richard hammond, rodney mckay, rory gilmore, rps, sam winchester, sdbs, shun the non-believer!, sims 2, slash, slashy boys, sparkly dancing boys, stargate atlantis, starsky and hutch, steve carlson, supernatural, ten, the lord of the rings, the oc, the sims, the winchesters boys, the x-files, tony lucca, top gear, torchwood, trickc, trickyfish, trickynicky, watchmen, wilby wonderful, wipeout, writing, x-files

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